Meet the Ksoids, an impossibly addictive NFT collectible that not only creates a world all its own, but also helps protect our world. 

Each one of these curious creatures was generated by a hand-crafted algorithm and then lovingly selected by creator Danil Krivoruchko to join an elite group of 1,000 Grade-A Ksoids, all available to the discerning investor. The first few drops were sold on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, and available in randomly selected packs of 1, 4, and 10. 

Charity donations

Thankfully adopting a Ksoid doesn’t have to mean decimating either their habitat or ours. In an attempt to counteract NFTs’ negative environmental impact, Ksoids work to reduce their footprint through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Not only that, but 20% of all profits are donated to the Orangutan Outreach, an organization dedicated to protecting orangutans in their native forests, while also caring for orphaned orangutans.


Who, or what, created the Ksoids?

Motion designer and creative director Danil Krivoruchko crafted the first Ksoids in 2013, in collaboration with his wife Viktoriya. At the time, he had just arrived in the United States — the Ksoids were a personal project that engaged his love for procedural design and wild animals. To his surprise, the Ksoids exploded in popularity, attracting attention from around the world and becoming one of the first generative 3D characters to find life online. 

Now eight years later, Danil has transformed 1,000 Ksoids into NFTs. If you want to adopt, or invest, in a few Ksoids, you’re going to need to act fast — there are only going to be 1,000 of these brilliant little creatures minted, and they’re sure to sell out fast. 

Visit OpenSea or Rarible to find out how you can have a Ksoid of your own!

All 1000 Ksoids adopted, thanks for your support! You can still get Ksoids on OpenSea or Rarible.

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